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Filing a Request For a Medical Review Panel


A request for review may take one of two acceptable formats. The first format is similiar to a regular Petition for Damages filed in an ordinary civil suit. The other acceptable format is in letter form. Regardless of the format chosen, a request for review must contain certain basic information to be deemed legally acceptable.

The request for review should contain a sentence specifically requesting that a medical review panel be formed to review the actions of the health care providers about which the patient is complaining. The specific full names of the physicians nurses and hospitals must be included.

Next, the specific dates of treatment provided by the health care providers should be included. If a physician or hospital treated the patient over a period of time the beginning and ending dates can be set forth.

The next paragraph should provide a specific statement regarding the allegations of medical malpractice. It may not be enough to simply say that malpractice is suspected. The specific aspects of the care about which the patient is complaining should be included. If a death is involved, then the date of death should be included.

The next paragraph should set forth the damages or injuries which are believed to have been caused by the alleged malpractice. Again, be specific about the nature and extent of the injuries, including whether permanent disability or disfigurement is involved.

For instance, evidence may be authenticated by the testimony oFinally, be sure to include at the beginning the names of the persons on whose behalf the request for review is being made. If the patient is requesting a review panel on his own behalf that should be stated and a return address provided. If the case involves a death and the children or spouse is bringing the claim, then the names of all persons bringing the claim should be included.came authenticated by the officer's testimony.

As of June 16, 2002, the proper address to file a request for review with the Division of Administration is:

Louisiana Commissioner of Administration

Attention: Medical Review Panel

P.O. Box 44336

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-4336

Their new physical address (as of January 2003), is: 1201 N. 3rd Street
7th Floor, Suite 7-210
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

The phone number is (225) 342-7000.

It is imperative that all requests for review be sent to the above address by CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED. The request is deemed filed on the date it is sent if it is sent by Certified Mail. Make sure the post office stamps the return receipt with the date it is mailed. This is your only proof of the date of filing. A request for review sent by any other method of mail (including Federal Express), is deemed filed on the date of receipt, not the date sent.

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